Three-Year Term

Carl Bullard
Mark Clark
Jim Dean
David Dethloff
Carl Franklin
Otto Grozinger
Roderick Hampton
Jamie Hilburn
Greg Johnson
Ken Martin
Andrew Pringle
Rob Rubel
Terry Slack
Kevin Smith
Chuck Strickland
Mike Walsworth
Hanh Williams

Two-Year Term

Lynn Cawthorne
Art Carmody
Winston Cunningham
Keith Gamble
Trey Giglio
Helen Godfrey-Smith
Annette Hall
Ben James
Wes Kyle
Chris Mangin
Chris Marlow
Kyle McInnis
Claire Rebouche
Tag Rome
Tim Wilhite
Sam Voisin

One-Year Term

Frank Auer
Eric Barkley
Gene Baugh
Pam Beck
Doug Bland
Jarred Franklin
Larry Little
Maggie Malone
Ken Mitchell
Tony Papa
Paul Pratt
Darrell Rebouche
David Rogers
Darin Seal
Loren Smith
Jerry White

Life Directors

Gerald Adams
Bob Aillet
James Alexander
Jerry Anderson
Jack Andres
Ken Antee
Keith Bergeron
Lindy Broderick
Bob Brown
Billy Bundrick
Milton Chapman
Mike Collier
Joe Darwin
David Dethloff
Shane Dulany
John Frazier

Toni Goodin
Jim Hagan
Ken Hanna
Pesky Hill
Rick Holland
John Hubbard
Smokey Hyde
Tracy Jackson
Don Jagot
Randy James
Greg Johnson
Fred Kent
Jack Lee
Sam Lees
Joe Littlejohn
Mike McCarthy

Kevin McCotter
Peggy Mitchell
David Nichols
Bobby Nichols
Rick Osburne
Markey Pierre
Pat Pool
Ed Powell
Linda Sell
Fred Sexton, Jr.
Orvis Sigler


Dick Bremer
Mayor Lo Walker
Chris Giordano
Mayor Cedric Glover
Lisa Johnson
Shelly Ragle-Stone
Kelly Wells

  • We hope to see some sports-themed costumes as great as this one from last year. Happy Halloween everybody!

  • Congrats to our Sportsperson of the Year @Samburns66 on being named the AJGA Rolex Junior Player of the Year!

  • New for this year, we'll be hosting a Cook Off competition prior to kickoff! To read more and sign up to compete:

  • Interesting note: 11 of the top 12 teams in the 1st @CFBPlayoff Poll have played in the Independence Bowl.