2015-2016 Executive Committee

Kyle McInnis

2015 Bowl Chairman

Eric Barkley

2015 Bowl Vice-Chairman

Darin Seal

2015 Bowl 1st Vice-Chairman

Trey Giglio

2015 Bowl 2nd Vice-Chairman

Andrew Pringle

Art Carmody IV

Paul Pratt
Immediate Past Chairman

Jerry White, Roderick Hampton
Three-Year Term

Jim Hagan, Chuck Strickland
Two-Year Term

Claire Rebouche, Frank Auer
One-Year Term

Title Sponsor Ex-Officio

Steven Jackson
City of Shreveport Ex-Officio

  • Our 9th annual Trivia Night pres by @ATT is set for Sat, Aug 8! Join us for fun and a chance to win great prizes!

  • A look back at yesterday's Kickoff Luncheon with Archie Manning: http://t.co/gPzQU0hzrG

  • For anyone who didn't get #CFB watch list fatigue the past two weeks, a look at Indy Bowl vets with high expectations http://t.co/5l9JxhA3Li

  • RT @CityShreveport: Mayor Tyler and Archie Manning at Independence Bowl Luncheon. http://t.co/6czERMuE3J

  • Thank you so much to our great host @TimBrando and emcee @PTNetherton for giving us a special Kickoff Luncheon with Archie Manning!