Quotes from Pre Game Press Conference

University of Arizona

Head Coach Rich Rodriguez
Opening Statement:
“The team is excited to be here, it’s been a terrific week. The staff from the AdvoCare V100 Bowl has been terrific from Day 1. We felt the friendliness and openness of the folks here in the Shreveport area. I think the guys can speak it themselves; it has been a really good experience for them. They’ve been really focused, practices before we left campus were really good and they’ve picked up down here really well. We’re excited about it and it should be a great ball game.”

On the team’s seriousness about the game:
“We talked about that in yesterday’s practice about they really need to start dialing in now. We talked about how we need all of your focus not just part of it to be on the game. Earlier in the week, you want them to think about the game but they also have to enjoy the experience.”

On the field conditions:
It’s in great shape. We walked around a little bit – the players will walk around here in a few hours. It’s relatively new and it’s very similar to what we have back on campus in Arizona. I think the weather’s supposed to be nice, so all looks good.”

Sione Tuihalamaka – Senior, Defensive Lineman
On his impression of Matt Patchan this season:
“He’s a big kid and we’re going to play hard and with aggressiveness.”

On speed helping with bigger sized tackles:
“The bigger they are, the bigger the target is. They’re bigger guys up there and they’re really good.”

Terrence Miller – Senior, Wide receiver
On Ka’Deem Carey not winning the Doak Walker Award:
“I think it’s a big point for the offense, I mean, obviously we support Ka’Deem Carey because he’s our teammate. We, obviously, feel he’s the best back because he’s one of our guys. So, I think it’s a big thing and everybody on our team wants to help him prove that he’s the better guy and also get the win.”

Jake Fischer – Senior, Linebacker
On how important it is to get off to a good start:
“It’s very important and we don’t think they’re going to try and do anything fancy. We think that they’re going to try to come out and run it down our throats. So, it’s very important for us to get off to a good start. Hopefully, we can get the offense back on the field after a couple of three and outs.”

On worries about the roster and the depth chart considering injuries:
“The great things are that we were able to get a lot of our guys healthy. So we have a little bit more of our depth back and some key starters that we have on defense that have been banged up the majority of the year. They have kind of healed up. So, I don’t really think it’s going to be that big of a deal but we do have to get off to a good start."


Boston College Eagles

Head Coach Steve Addazio
Opening statement:
“It’s great to be here, and we’re obviously excited to play the football game. It’s been a long time since we’ve played, and we’re playing a really quality opponent in Arizona. Coach (Rich) Rodriguez is a guy I’ve known a long time. I’ve got a great deal of respect for he and for his staff and for his football team. They’re some very talented players, really hard-nosed team, well coached, and we’ll have a great challenge ahead of us. We’re excited and just thrilled to be here, honored to be here. It’s been a great week for our players to experience Shreveport. It’s been a great week of preparation, and a great level of excitement of playing in this terrific stadium right here and being a part of the great tradition of the AdvoCare V100 Bowl. We’re really very, very excited. We’ve got a great group of players here today with us. A group of seniors that have led this team, been unselfish, been totally committed to the season, and it’s really important for them to leave a legacy at Boston College of bringing BC back to bowl games and bringing a very proud program back into the limelight. I know they’re very proud of it, and certainly we’re very proud of them.”

On Andre Williams’ aggressive running style:
“For me, what I’m promoting is for all of our guys to be as physical as we can possibly be, whatever that is – whether that’s with your legs, your arm, your shoulder, your anything – and that’s simply it. I think guys naturally want to be physical, they want to be able to protect themselves, they want to be the hunter, not the hunted.”

On the long layoff between games:
“That’s what you’re worried about. All I can tell you is what we did. You make your decisions and live with them. We came down here and had a light workout on the 27th, on the 28th we’re in full pads and we had collisions. We didn’t tackle anybody below the waist, but I wanted to make sure they had their pads on and they felt their pads. The other thing we did before we broke for the holidays, we had a bit of a moving mock scrimmage where we essentially had extended drives as a part of practice, as opposed to scripted pieces. We were gassed. You get out of that rhythm, so we wanted to try to simulate that. These are all the challenges that you face in a bowl game: how do you prepare? How much in pads? How much contact? Are you in shape enough? We conditioned a little bit because I thought we needed to, especially versus the style of team we’re playing. You hope that everything you do is that right kind of mix and that you play at competitive excellence.”

Andre Williams – Senior, Running Back
On playing against Ka’Deem Carey of Arizona:
“I think the opportunity is great. I’m really excited to be a part of the match up, and I’m just really excited to back on the field one more time with my team.”

On if being Doak Walker Award winner and Heisman Trophy finalist has changed his preparation:
“In terms of preparation, I don’t really think so. It was just more really getting back into it after travelling a lot and talking to so many different people, and just refocusing and getting back to the task at hand.”

Chase Rettig – Senior, Quarterback
On being one of the few players on the team with bowl experience:
“When you’re playing a bowl game, you’re away from football for a while and then you’re asked to come back after the holidays. You really have to take advantage with how you approach practice and I have been trying to watch as much film as I can. Some of the guys haven’t had the experience of a bowl game to understand that you need to be that much more because we are away for more than a week or so.”

On what recollection he has of the previous bowl game:
“We were having a great time that week and I remember how important it was to the seniors to want to win that football game. Now, here I am as a senior with my guys and I’m trying to relay that message as much as I can. It really doesn’t matter what bowl game you’re in, it’s all about trying to win the game and create a special memory with the senior class and the coaches. It’s something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

Kasim Edebali – Senior, Defensive End
On how practicing against Andre Williams prepares the team to face Ka’Deem Carey:
“You look at (Ka’Deem Carey), he runs hard, physical and fast, and being exposed to that by (Andre Williams) definitely helps out. You’ve seen something like that before because there aren’t a lot of running backs who can run like that.”

Ian White – Senior, Offensive Lineman
On the offensive line and blocking for Andre Williams:
“Our offensive line has really come together. We talk with Andre: he’s always in our room, always hanging out with us, so he’s part of our unit as well, and the tight ends and all those guys. I feel like we have a great unit, and you see all the numbers that they put up.”