JOIN US March 25, 11am – 4pm Crawfest 2017 at Betty Virginia Park

Kid Combine Trials

·         “The 40” – Standard timed 40-yd dash

·         “The Shuttle” – Modified shuttle drill with sprint, back pedal, and shuffle elements

·         “The Catch” – Three spots for kid to run to, each with two attempts to catch thrown footballs

·         “The Throw” – Three hoops at varying distances for kid to target; two throws each


Age Groups

·         5 – 7 years old

·         8 – 10 years old

·         11 – 13 years old



·         The Top 20 times in “The 40” will be given a point total for their trial (20-1, 20 for first and 1 for twentieth).

·         Same scoring for “The Shuttle” times will be applied and added to each score

·         Finally, total completions/catches for “The Catch” and “The Throw” trials will be added to each score

·         The top scorer in each age group will win a prize

·         The top score will be added to the list for a chance to participate in drills on the field at the Independence Bowl