Charitable Donation Program

In 2013, the Independence Bowl Foundation established the Charitable Donation Program, which will provide money to area non-profit organizations each year.

13116528_10153668794856347_4489192963631325169_oThe Independence Bowl Foundation will annually take $0.50 from each ticket sold to the bowl game (including team allotments) and will split that money up equally and distribute it to the two charitable organizations that have been selected for that year.

The program is designed to enhance efforts by local non-profit organizations to fill identifiable areas of need within the community.

In the program’s inaugural year, two national charitable organizations were pre-selected to be recipients by the Independence Bowl Foundation: Wounded Warrior Project® and College Football Assistance Fund.


The Camping World Independence Bowl is offering support in the region through funding of select projects that benefit the community, provide opportunities for local involvement, and provide recognition of the Camping World Independence Bowl.

Awards will be distributed via Give for Good in 2017. Recipients of funding will be required to file a follow-up report by September 1, 2017, providing information on the accomplishments of the project, how the funds were spent, how the Camping World Independence Bowl was involved and was recognized.

Minimum guaranteed amount to be awarded per group: $5,000 (The final amount will be based on total tickets sales for the 2016 Camping World Independence Bowl – as $.50 from each ticket sold goes toward the award.) Applicants must be a 501(C)3 organization and must provide supporting documentation.

Friday, September 9, 2016

(Award Announcement will be Thursday, October 6, 2016)