2016 Independence Bowl Generates $30 Million in Television Exposure Value

2016 Independence Bowl Generates $30 Million in Television Exposure Value

The 2016 Independence Bowl between Vanderbilt and NC State generated $30 million in measured media exposure value for all sponsorships associated with ESPN’s national television broadcast, according to findings from third-party independent research firm Sponsorship Science. The title sponsor received more than $23 million in advertising equivalency measured media value, while all other sponsorships totaled more than $6 million in exposure value.

The City of Shreveport received the second highest exposure, accounting for approximately $1.4 million in advertising value on ESPN’s national television broadcast.

The Independence Bowl commissioned Sponsorship Science LLC – a global sports marketing & research consultancy firm with more than 50 years of executive experience – to measure the media impact of the Independence Bowl.

“Sponsorship Science conducts these types of studies for sports and entertainment clients around the world, across many platforms and geographies, with the NCAA College Football Bowl Games being a core sport where we have a wealth of experience,” said Jeffrey Stern, Principal of Sponsorship Science, LLC.

“Our five-year and counting history with the event and trust in the Independence Bowl management team have allowed us to develop the data and models used to accurately and fairly evaluate the media impact of the Independence Bowl over time.”

Advertising Equivalency Value is a valuation metric that equates the dwell time of sponsored messages during the broadcast and determines their value based on the cost of advertising thirty-second spots on the ESPN broadcast.

Sponsorship Science also calculated values on a “cost per thousand” or “CPM $10” model at a benchmark of $10 for every 1,000 viewers, which is comparable to value-based digital platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. The overall $10 CPM measured media value of the 2016 Independence Bowl came in at over $7.8 million in exposure generated for all sponsorships represented on the television broadcast.

Sponsorship Science highlighted several Impact Facts based on this research:

-Exposure on the sideline seating panel increased for the title sponsor by 100% from 2015.
-The City of Shreveport produced 4 minutes and thirty-one seconds of City Visibility and generated City Exposure from the promo
segments that included coverage from player visits to the Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home and Providence House.
-Entitlement related to the Event Name, Title Sponsor, Host City/State, and Venue produced 80% of the total measured brand exposure.
-95% of the Independence Bowl messaging included the title sponsor tag, up from 77% in 2015.